Kevin Strickland Is Finally Home. Who Is Next?

After 43 years of wrongful imprisonment, Kevin Strickland is home. We rejoice for him and his family that justice was finally done. As he will receive no money from the state of Missouri to compensate for its mistake, his attorneys at the Midwest Innocence Project have asked the public to donate so that Kevin can begin to rebuild his life. As of today, more than $1 million has poured in.

Could this be a turning point for Missouri? Will innocence actually start to matter?

Senate Bill 53 allowed a prosecutor in Kevin’s case to correct the state’s mistake. We dearly hope that SB 53 will benefit other innocent people, including Christopher Dunn. With the support of St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kimberly Gardner, Chris could have a pathway to exoneration and freedom after 31 years of wrongful incarceration. So could Lamar Johnson and other prisoners with strong innocence cases.


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