Supporters of Christopher Dunn, Lamar Johnson, and Kevin Strickland rally at the Missouri capitol.

  Justice for Christopher Dunn

The justice system can snatch away a life in an instant, but is slow to restore it, even when a person successfully proves their innocence. Most U.S. states have a process in place to release an innocent person – but not Missouri. 
Proving your innocence isn't enough to win back your freedom in Missouri – unless you happen to be a death row inmate. Of course, a sentence of life without parole is no less deadly than a lethal injection or an electric chair. It just takes a lot longer for the person to die.

Despite proving his innocence in Missouri's 25th Circuit court and the judge declaring him innocent, Christopher Dunn is still in prison. 

Below, CBS Inside Edition asks why Christopher Dunn is still in prison after a judge declared him innocent. 

Why isn't innocence enough in Missouri? This situation is unbefitting a territory of the United States of America. It doesn't belong in a place that calls itself the Land of the Free.

If innocence doesn't matter, then guilt doesn't matter - so why have laws at all?
Change may be coming. Missouri Senate Bill 1201 was introduced in March 2022. The bill would give judges the power to free someone who presents clear and convincing evidence of innocence. If this bill gains bipartisan support, Missouri may join the remainder of the country in recognizing innocence.

Christopher Dunn - Missouri innocent
Meanwhile, Christopher Dunn continues to wait in a cell. The 18-year-old locked up in 1990 is now a 50-year-old man with three heart attacks under his belt. How long can Chris wait on the wheels of justice to turn?

KCTV5 investigates the case, and follows up after the Supreme Court declines to hear Chris' case. 
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Supporters are demanding justice for Christopher Dunn

LF Justice

Supporters are asking the Missouri Supreme Court to hear Christopher Dunn's case.

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What does it take to free an innocent person in Missouri?

National Organization of Exonerees support Missouri's wrongfully convicted
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Supporters around the U.S. cry out, "Free Christopher Dunn!"

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