Top Prosecutor Files Motion to Release Lamar Johnson, a Wrongfully Convicted Citizen

It would be difficult to overstate how hopeful Chris, his family, and his legal team felt upon hearing this news.

On August 31, 2022, St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner filed a motion to vacate the wrongful conviction of Lamar Johnson. Enacted on August 28, 2021, R.S. Mo. Statute 547.031, allows prosecutors to correct such grievous mistakes in their own jurisdictions:

“A prosecuting or circuit attorney, in the jurisdiction in which a person was convicted of an offense, may file a motion to vacate or set aside the judgment at any time if he or she has information that the convicted person may be innocent or may have been erroneously convicted.”

We have only gratitude and respect for Circuit Attorney Gardner’s courage and strength in doing the right thing in the interest of justice, despite likely opposition from her own Attorney General’s office.

We are filled with joy for Lamar and his family. We have watched from afar and lent our support when we could, and it looks like Lamar’s long wait for freedom is nearing its end.

And … we hope Chris’ turn is coming soon. Even though a judge’s order states that Chris has proven his innocence and no jury would convict him now, Circuit Attorney Gardner’s support is Chris’ last hope for not dying in prison.

Truly, we are encouraged – but we know this is Missouri.

Read about this development here:

Prosecutor seeks to free Lamar Johnson on innocence claim | The Kansas City Star

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