Lamar Johnson Is Free, Thanks to a Courageous Prosecutor

Welcome home, Lamar Johnson! February 14, 2023 was a day of absolution and long-awaited rejoicing for Mr. Johnson, his family, and the devoted teams who worked for years to secure justice in his case. A time-intensive collaboration of many dedicated people led to this outcome – but no labor was more significant than the persistent efforts of Circuit Attorney Kimberly Gardner.

Ms. Gardner’s initial attempts to secure a new trial for Mr. Johnson were opposed by the Missouri Attorney General’s Office and rebuffed by the Missouri Supreme Court. In response, the Missouri legislature passed a law (RSMo 547.031) that empowered prosecutors to correct wrongful convictions in their jurisdiction. After a year and a half of motions, legal maneuverings, and a significant hearing, Mr. Johnson walked free on the orders of Judge David Mason – on Valentine’s Day, as it happened.

As Mr. Johnson starts a new chapter of his life, Christopher Dunn and team wish him smooth roads and bright skies. The enormity of this transition can’t be overstated, but with his resilient spirit and the support of those around him, Mr. Johnson is assured a successful landing in the free world.

If he embarks on his planned skydive someday, Christopher Dunn hopes to be able to join him in that jump from a perfectly good airplane.

All best to you, Lamar. Congratulations, amazing legal teams. Thank you for your diligence, Judge Mason. Most of all – Ms. Gardner, THANK YOU for your unwavering courage and integrity in pursuing justice.

Innocence should be enough in Missouri! Free Kevin Strickland, Lamar Johnson, Christopher Dunn - the Missouri Three
Lamar Johnson reacts to Judge Mason’s vacating his conviction.

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