Justice for Recco

“He fasts each year on the anniversary of Rogers’ murder, and wants his family to know that ‘he did not take their child from them,’ ” Kansas City Star, November 25, 2021

When Chris was offered 10 years to plead guilty, he turned it down. He couldn’t bring himself to admit to something he did not do. And he did not want the Rogers family to believe he would ever hurt their loved one, even if he could have walked free in a few years if he had taken the deal.

Two lives were lost on May 19, 1990. While we continue to fight the battle to save one, it is too late for the other. The family who lost their precious teenager was misled from the beginning. None attended Chris’ trial, though Recco’s father was present for the sentencing.

The only evidence pointing to Chris has since been revealed to be false. The person who shot and killed Recco was never caught and punished.

When Chris fasts on each anniversary, he also writes Recco’s name on a piece of paper, and lets it go into the wind. It’s a small ritual but carries the hope that justice will come someday – both for Recco and for Chris.



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